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10 More of the Most Hauntingly Creepy Abandoned Places

Category: Design · Posted on Friday, 05th December 2014
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1. Abandoned Train Station, Abkhazia, Georgia
Image credits: Ilya Varlamov
This train station in Sukhumi, Abkhazia was abandoned during the War in Abkhazia in 1992 and 1993. The dispute between Georgia and Russia over the region has isolated the region, but the decaying station retains some of its former glory in the form of intricate plaster work and mahogany furniture.

2, 3, 4. Abandoned Wooden Houses, Russia
Image credits: Andrew Qzmn
These beautiful, intricately decorated buildings are found deep in Russian forests, where their isolation has helped them remain relatively intact.

5. Underwater City in Shicheng, China
Image credits: china.org.cn
This incredible underwater city, trapped in time, is 1341 years old. Shicheng, or Lion City, is located in the Zhejiang province in eastern China. It was submerged in 1959 during the construction of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station. The water protects the city from wind and rain erosion, so it has remained sealed underwater in relatively good condition.

6. Salto Hotel, Colombia
Image credits: astrophysicistkev
The Hotel De Salto opened in 1928 near Tequendema Falls in Colombia to serve tourists who came to marvel at the 157 meter-tall waterfall. It closed down in the early 90s after interest in the waterfall declined. In 2012, however, the site was turned into a museum.

7. Abandoned Subway Tunnel in Kiev, Ukraine
Image credits: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com
This image of an abandoned subway tunnel was captured in the metro system underneath Kiev, Ukraine. Many of the tunnels are partially flooded, and stalactites hang from the ceilings.

8. Abandoned Submarine Base in Balaklava, Ukraine
Image credits: Thomas Alboth
While this old submarine dock in Ukraine isn’t totally abandoned, the decommissioned formerly top-secret site near Balaklava is still impressive. Until its decommissioning in 1993, the site was one of the Soviet Union’s most top-secret sites, and was said to be able to weather a direct nuclear strike due to its underground construction. Today, it is a national naval museum.

9, 10. Abandoned Military Hospital in Beelitz, Germany
Image credits: Michis Bilder
Image credits: d.r.i.p.
These eerie pictures are part of the Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital complex in Beelitz, Germany. The large complex was built at the end of the 1800s and helped Adolf Hitler recuperate from a leg wound incurred at the Battle of Somme in 1916. Parts of the complex remain in operation, but most were abandoned after the Soviets withdrew from the hospital in 1995.

11, 12. Hashima Island, Japan
Image credits: hashima-island.com
Hashima island in Japan has a wide array of nicknames, including Battelship Island (for its shape) and Ghost Island. From the late 1800s to late 1900s, the island was populated because of the access it granted to undersea coal mines. However, as Japan gradually switched from coal to petroleum, the mines (and the buildings that sprung up around them to support their workers) closed down, leaving an isolated ghost town that reminds some of a ghostly concrete battleship.

13. San Zhi, Taiwan
Image credits: picc.it
These alien-looking houses in Sanzhi were initially intended to serve as a vacation destination, especially for U.S. military officers returning from their positions in Asia. Lost investments and unfortunate car accidents, however, forced the site to close down in 1980, not long after it had been built. Unfortunately, the buildings were torn down in 2010.
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